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OSI, Baltimore City Health Department launch new web portal to support ongoing vaccine outreach

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Evan Serpick

Open Society Institute-Baltimore

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Baltimore, Md. — Open Society Institute-Baltimore and the Baltimore City Health Department are proud to launch, a new website and set of corresponding social media accounts designed to engage and educate Baltimore City residents about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and encourage vaccination. The new website is part of the Baltimore Equitable Vaccination Initiative (BEVI), a collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation, OSI-Baltimore, the Health Department, and more than a dozen community partners to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines in Baltimore City.

The Bmore Vaxxed website and social media accounts were created to augment existing communications efforts by the state and city Health Departments, local hospitals, and other public health organizations. The website includes easy-to-read visual representations of current data and a wealth of creative content, including videos, memes, testimonials, and fact sheets, all designed to be easily accessible and shareable.

“Before we launched the Baltimore Equitable Vaccination Initiative, we consulted with the Baltimore City Health Department to see how we could augment their fantastic engagement and communications efforts,” says OSI-Baltimore Director Danielle Torain. “They identified a need for a public space that would gather all of the great data and creative content that they and other entities had created and present it in ways that would effectively reach Baltimore residents and encourage them to share it. We were happy to help in that effort.”

In addition to the website, the Bmore Vaxxed platform will share content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. These channels will work in concert with the existing Health Department channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

“Reaching all Baltimore residents with accurate, engaging messaging has been a key part of our strategy from early on in our pandemic response,” says Baltimore City Health Commission Dr. Letitia Dzirasa. “These new tools will help us reach even more people and help us get more of the population vaccinated.”

Bmore Vaxxed and BEVI are part of The Rockefeller Foundation and OSI-Baltimore’s ongoing collaboration with the Health Department, which Pew Trusts’ Stateline cited as a key part of Baltimore’s COVID response in its story, “How Baltimore Escaped the Worst of COVID-19.”

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